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Is Bankruptcy for You?

We Can Stop Harassing Collection Phone Calls!

Is everyone giving you advice?

Get advice from a professional bankruptcy attorney, instead!

Meet with us about your personal situation. Our goal is to get you out of debt in as little time as possible.

Get professional advice dedicated to your unique personal situation. Protecting your financial life is a technical and complicated matter. The advice of friends, co-workers and family members is well-intentioned – and usually wrong! Find out the true facts as they apply to your life situation.

Take the first step to a more positive and peaceful future for you and your family.

We are committed to protecting your rights under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Filing bankruptcy doesn’t mean you will lose your car or your home. Find out exactly what assets can be protected and what debt you can lose!

Why File for Bankruptcy?

The unexpected loss of a job or the onset of a serious illness can be financially devastating. Unpaid bills can lead to threatening letters and harassing telephone calls from creditors. If this is the situation in which you find yourself, here are six reasons to consider about bankruptcy:

  1. Millions of people who have filed for personal bankruptcy are proof that bankruptcy offers you an affordable and efficient method of resolving financial challenges
  2. Bankruptcy lets you enjoy life again without financial worries
  3. Filing for bankruptcy stops creditor harassment
  4. Oregon lets you protect your personal property, tax refunds and other assets by using federal exemptions
  5. Most people experience improved credit scores within the first year after filing for bankruptcy. Many see an even quicker improvement in their overall credit rating
  6. Bankruptcy stops repossessions and foreclosure

Get Your Questions Answered & Begin the Process of Filing for Bankruptcy

At the Law Offices of George Hoselton, you can get your questions answered during a free initial consultation. Some of the points we cover include:

  • Why are you considering filing for bankruptcy?
  • What assets do you own, and how will they be affected by the bankruptcy?
  • How much income do you have, and what are its sources?
  • Have you taken part in recent financial transactions?
  • How will bankruptcy work for you?
  • What documents and information will we need?
  • What are the fees and costs?
  • What will happen at your bankruptcy hearing?

Resolving your financial challenges and repairing your credit rating begin with a call to our office. You can also contact us through our website. With a free consultation, we can help you determine if filing bankruptcy is the right choice for your situation.

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