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Why File for Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy FAQ: Initiating bankruptcy proceedings is an effective way to stop foreclosure on your home. It also stops lawsuits against you, wage garnishment and repossession of your vehicles. Even more, it puts an end to those stressful and harassing calls from creditors. Many of our clients report feeling immediate peace of mind when they retain us as their law firm. They’re less stressed and more relaxed. They even sleep better. That’s because we take on our clients’ debt-related stress as our own. When you hire us, you gain the relief that comes with not having to navigate the debt-relief maze yourself. You gain the help of a team of professionals who take on your debt burden and create real solutions for you.

Facing a lawsuit? We can stop a lawsuit through bankruptcy. We can also assist in the halting of a tax levy and through chapter 13 bankruptcies wipe out taxes or pay taxes over time without penalties and interest.

Our lawyers will help stop a garnishment and get a fresh start for you.

We can help stop a foreclosure now and save your home through chapter 13 bankruptcy. We will discuss all of the bankruptcy choices you have for keeping your home.

When Is an Emergency Filing Necessary? Bankruptcy FAQ

An emergency filing can be a useful tool in many different situations, including the ones listed below:

You’re facing foreclosure: Filing for bankruptcy creates an automatic stay, which prevents the bank from foreclosing on your home. Filing for bankruptcy, even a day before the foreclosure sale, can effectively stop the sale.

You’re facing repossession of your vehicle: Losing a car has more than just financial consequences. If you don’t live near public transportation, it can mean losing the ability to get to the places you need to go like your job or to see family members. People who face car repossession often face other problems too, like bills that pile up during unemployment. If you file for bankruptcy, you can stop repossession.

You’ve got a court hearing scheduled: If you receive a summons to appear at a hearing related to wage garnishment or garnishment of your checking account, filing for bankruptcy stops the process immediately.

Most attorneys are not able to file emergency cases but at George Hoselton offices we accommodate your schedule and work long hours to get you the help and results that you deserve.

Bankruptcy FAQ in Portland, Beaverton, and Bend OR

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